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Amelia Title and Settlement, L.L.C.

Rebecca Lynn "Becky" Harrison
16442 Curt Street
Amelia Courthouse, Virginia

phone: 804-561-0801
fax: 804-561-1125

  • It is Becky's objective to be there for her clients and answer their questions in a professional and timely fashion.
  • She understands that the first-time homebuyer has many questions and normally does not understand the closing process; therefore she makes every effort to relate with her clients to make them feel more comfortable and more at ease in the purchase of their new home.
  • Becky keeps an open line of communication with her Real Estate Agents and Lenders to help the process go more smoothly for the Purchaser.
  • Becky is also a licensed title insurance agent through Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation, which enhances the speed of closing a transaction.

FEES AND CHARGES FOR $250,000 PURCHASE W/80% LOAN OF $200,000.00
Closing Fee $300.00
Title Search Fee (maximum, unless title problem) $200.00
Title Insurance: Simultaneous Policy $972.00 (Owners: $907.00; Lenders: $65.00)
Title Binder/Commitment $25.00

Recording Fees - State & Local - Deed (Buyer's Portion only)

Clerk's Fee

$500.00 (State: $375.00; Local: $125.00)


Recording Fees - Deed of Trust

Clerk's Fee (depends on # of pages in DT)

$400.00 (State: $300.00; Local: $100.00)

$30.00 (18 page Deed of Trust)

Courier Fees (Buyer Fees only) $20.00
Survey Fee (estimate) $350.00

(Does not include Lender fees)

*** Fees are subject to change without Notice.
*** Please contact us for quotes on construction loans.
Note: Virginia law does not allow a non-attorney to prepare Deeds and other Seller Documents, so unfortunately, Amelia Title and Settlemenet, LLC, can only do closing for Purchasers.
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